Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Response to "Coalition formed in Portsmouth to fight against the rise of Ukip" article in Portsmouth News

Coalition formed in Portsmouth to fight against the rise of Ukip

"You're not welcome here" - Words that people gleefully attempt to attribute the "supposed" rhetoric from UKIP, but in reality as we have seen from the 'Stand Up To UKIP Portsmouth coalition' and other supposed "anti-fascist" groups, are seemingly more likely to come from the latter these days.

As a 30 year old UKIP member and activist, I spend a large portion of my day speaking to supporters, members and activists from other parties. It literally depresses me to see just how poorly and misinformed these people are as a result of rhetoric put out by their own political parties and passed around in a type of "Chinese whispers" that seems to get more and more ridiculous as it gets passed around.

All I can do as one person fighting my corner is try to properly inform people, when they are willing to listen and almost as it would seem these days, keep my head above water at the volume of attack being thrown at UKIP activists allover the country.

Words like "fascist" and "Nazi" casually tossed about like they are words that can be used in some kind of casual word play and, "you aren't allowed an opinion because you are UKIP" rhetoric is incredibly worrying. Indeed preventing a democratically elected party its freedom of speech is exactly the kind of thing that comes to mind when "fascism" is thrust out into the light of day.

When it comes to accusations of racism against UKIP members, I have no defence. Neither would I have any defence against those accusations if they were thrust upon the countless racist members of the Conservative party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats etc. One of the unfortunate things in politics and life in general is that racism and other questionable views exist in general. Not exclusively at UKIP.

What I can assure people of though is that UKIP have a strict sign-up policy. In fact if you are a former member of the Far Right, be it National Front, BNP, Britain First, EDL or any other extreme party. You are not welcome as a member at the UK Independence Party.
UKIP are currently the only political party in British Politics that has a ban on former members of the Far Right joining the party in the UK since Nigel Farage was re-elected as leader of the party in 2010.

When questionable individuals are un-earthed often gleefully by the National media, a right and proper investigation is carried out, and if that individual is found to have made unacceptable comments as a UKIP member, a zero tolerance policy is taken and their future status at the party is considered.

I see from some comments in the comments section beneath the article that claims of "Neo-Nazi" and "BNP" former members has been made. I encourage anyone with any names of these individuals to come forward, because in reality, their are no former Neo Nazi's or BNP members at UKIP. Unlike other parties such as the Labour Party who have a former Second in Command of the Neo Nazi League of Milton Keynes as councillor, and a former BNP member, activist and Councillor amongst its ranks in Blackburn.

Having concerns about the volume of open-door immigration is not a "racist" thing, or when people say that those concerns about open-door immigration are racist do they apply those views to members of their own parties who thinks the immigration system needs addressing.

Nobody is calling for immigration to end. In fact UKIP want a Global points based immigration system similar to Canada or Australia to come into effect.

Having a open door system across varying countries of different economic strength was a experiment of sorts that was always doomed to failure.
If you have a country with higher living standards and a better living wage, of course people are going to want to come, nor would anyone blame them for doing so.
But how is it going to improve those poorer countries if the Euro-zone if people start upping routes and rushing off to different areas of the EU.

The reality is those countries need to be helped away from what in many cases is a former Communist rule that resulted in generations of suffering.
Unemployment across the Euro-zone is as high in many areas at 60%, as we have seen by the large numbers of young Spanish migrants who have moved over to the south of England in the hopes of work. Again- I don't blame them for doing so, but when it comes to sheer numbers of migrants there is reason for concern in many people's opinion.

Wage compression is a fact, jobs are taken in bulk by foreign workers, whilst we have a estimated 2 million unemployed in the UK.

In many instances Big Business have specifically advertised jobs only in foreign countries. I am very sorry, I do not believe that their are jobs in the UK the local populas are unwilling to do.
When you go out and about like me and talk to homeless people, and 'buskers' out on the street who tell you they would take "any job going", no-matter what it is, how can these politicians claiming we need Eastern European labour to pick the fields of Essex live with themselves knowing their are people suffering on streets when they espouse this highly offensive and one-sided thinking.

I state again for the record, migration is a good thing, in reasonable numbers. I have no problem with people from other countries living in my area. In fact my area in particular has a percentage of Polish and Bangladeshi migrants who complement brilliantly to our community.

UKIP don't want an end to immigration as some people have claimed, we are not biased to people from specific regions, who have specific skin colours, or follow a specific religion. This claim is both offensive and nonsense.

The reality of the matter is, if UKIP had the choice between a skilled "brain surgeon" was was a Muslim from Pakistan or a Latvian unskilled labourer, the preference would go to that individual in Pakistan.

This is not how the system currently operates however. With current Rest of the World migrants prioritised against in favour of EU migrants for the sake of a lower Net immigration number.

When it comes to organisations and political parties coming together to prevent democratically elected political parties from functioning. This is what I get worried about, and this is what reminds me of "fascism".

In the last 24 hours I have had to confront an utter lie espoused by a prominent comedian on National television about UKIP, another individual who has created fake UKIP accounts and has posted deeply offensive racist/homophobic comments in an attempt to frame the party and another prominent individual at a political party who has point-blank lied about UKIP policies.

People quite frequently claim that UKIP are full of "rhetoric", when in reality the use of "rhetoric" is what is often used to try and either denounce UKIP or lessen their message.

What happened to politics and humanitarianism in general where this was considered acceptable.

The people who have been concerned about UKIP, that have come together to form this coalition, prominent members of the community for instance, why didn't they come to UKIP, people like me and speak with regards to their concerns?

Claims have been made in this meeting and UKIP have had absolutely no right to reply. This is why I have felt so eager to write this response.

I am not doubting that their are major issues "recession, austerity, a lack of social housing and poverty", but UKIP have never solely blamed these things on "immigrants, and I must say this claim is both dishonest and complete and utter nonsense!

There is absolutely no doubt that migration at a rate of one city the size of Hull in populas per year net has an impact on the infrastructure of this country. School places are low, NHS capacity is struggling and housing is at an all time low in terms of capacity for populas. It is an element of a larger problem, a problem that UKIP seek to address.

Referring to a leader of a political party as a "con artist" as Jon Woods, chairman of Portsmouth Trades’ Council, has done is incredibly low, especially when you considering that neither Farage or anyone from UKIP had the right to reply. It smacks of a bully in a school playground mocking someone who isn't present in the intention to get them bulled later.

Zuber Hatia, said that mosques in Portsmouth had been subjected to racist abuse and attacks.

Are UKIP responsible for what organisations and parties like the EDL, BNP and BP?
No of course they are not. I suppose in the absence of actual UKIP members attacking mosques, a thing I am 100% certain would never happen, you have to claim that UKIP have someone stoked tension in the absence of any justifiable evidence?

UKIP have never singled out the Muslim community for ridicule so this claim is also utter nonsense, and I find it shameful that this individual has tried to latch onto an anti-democratic campaign in such a manner.


As for the Labour Portsmouth South candidate Sue Castillon, of course she would lower herself to the standard of smears against UKIP, I see this daily from Labour Party PPC's trying to win back the working class votes they have lost over the years. The reality of the matter is UKIP speak for the working class now, and Labour have lost that vote with antics such as the white van fiasco in Rochester and Strood regards Emily Thornberry.

UKIP are no-more racist than any other party as I highlighted above, but it is awfully convenient for those other parties who have former BNP members and former Neo-Nazis to claim that UKIP encourage racial intolerance. When in reality UKIP have a multitude of ethnic members in South London for instance where we have numerous members of the Commonwealth standing for UKIP, and even a Polish gentleman who frequently writes articles for the National press to counter-balance the claims made by some sections of the media and political establishment.

I go out often, and speak to people from a wide range of ethnic, religious and National backgrounds, and it is being made more and more difficult to reveal myself as being UKIP due to this false rhetoric that is being put out by other political parties such as the instance given here by Miss Castillon.

If anything, people like her, other political parties and the National media are the ones stoking the rhetoric that increases tension in the country.

It's like the first person who throws the brick at a riot who then runs away as the violence unfolds. It is utterly cowardly and dishonest.


What the vast majority of the political establishment are concerned about is a party they know they cannot control, a party who doesn't tow a whip system, that introduces new ideas, gives people the right to recall those politicians they elected who have let the electorate down. A party that doesn't tow the same 'Pro-EU' party line that seems to exist across the political spectrum of Great Britain.

What they are scared about is a true alternative party.

Claims that UKIP are a racist objectionable party is a lie.

Should the political establishment be concerned about UKIP? Yes of course they should be, because we are coming for you, we will hold YOU accountable for the countless let-downs you have inflicted on this country over the years.

If people accept the rhetoric that is put out against UKIP by these 'other' political parties, then you really have been fooled.

The reality is UKIP are growing, UKIP are made up of people from different political backgrounds, we are taking votes from all political parties across the country, and the thing that frightens the political establishment most of all, is that we are encouraging former non-voters back into politics and are the only party that has managed to do so.

Before you make a decision on UKIP, consult your local UKIP candidate, councillors and representatives before you make a choice.

At the very least, listen to the response to such accusations before you make a carefully considered decision on where you stand when it comes to UKIP.