Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My take on the Suzanne Evans situation (PLEASE READ) 23/03/2016

I have well and truly had enough. I was going to keep my mouth shut until after the Referendum because the Referendum above all other aspects are way to important. But seeing as Farage cannot be bothered to do the same I am forced to speak. Farage has spent the last 10 months since the General Election setting up Suzanne Evans, portraying her and others as villains in an effort to remove them/her as a threat to his position. Be it by removing them from Spokesperson positions or revoking their party membership altogether. See Patrick O'Flynn and Douglas Carswell for instance. Farage has encouraged people to accuse her, and others of all sorts of things, bombard her and others with all sorts of accusations, of party disloyalty whilst she has been putting across the UKIP party message, advertising the party and pushing for Brexit in various media forms. He has stripped her of her positions one by one, without giving any other reason than "she has been disloyal", which is an utter fib. This in my opinion has been done out of spite to cause maximum upset to Suzanne. If she has been disloyal, then every other member of UKIP who has joined Vote Leave can be accused of the same thing. But that isn't what it is about is it, as I said, threat to his position. During an episode of the Daily Politics Suzanne was asked whether "Nigel Farage was divisive", Suzanne replied honestly, and correctly: "He is perceived by many to be divisive". This isn't debatable, it is a fact. Yet people reacted to that, like she had just popped up from behind a sofa to stab Nigel Farage in the back! Even going back before Suzanne's comments on the Daily Politics, during what many people believe to be Farage's "unresignation", he for me, did something very unusual. Namely to nominate Suzanne Evans as deputy leader in the first place! Let me explain. Farage has a deputy leader, his name is Paul Nuttall. Why would he bypass Paul Nuttall as interim leader and place Suzanne Evans in charge. When Ed Miliband resigned as Labour Leader, in the absence in the House of Commons of Ed Balls, Harriet Harman was put in charge, as she was next in line as it were. Within UKIP there is no such problem, as Farage, Nuttall etc are not in the House of Commons. So placing Suzanne in charge, and circumnavigating Nuttall made no sense, unless in what I fear is highly likely, an attempt was going to be made to oust Suzanne from any position within UKIP, by falsely portraying her as an enemy, as someone trying to oust Farage from his leadership position. We are now in a position where Suzanne has been put on a 6 month suspension, much like Winston McKenzie and Godfrey Bloom rightly or wrongly were. This will drag on for some months, at which end, she will be quietly pushed out of the party. Douglas Carswell and others who defend Suzanne (including myself) will likely follow. Nigel claims that Suzanne has been disloyal. What the Hell do you call going on live television and repeatedly character assassinating her, Douglas Carswell and others as being? In terms of his party membership, Farage has been the most disloyal person within UKIP. He in many cases hasn't rewarded good performance with media representation or an opportunity to do articles on the UKIP website. The LGBT and disabled sections of UKIP for instance have been massively underplayed and under-used. Look at the parties results in Council Elections since the May General Elections? Rapidly declining. In fact I haven't seen a day where there have been council elections that haven't been a massive disappointment. Peter Whittle is polling second from last in the London Mayoral election. Only ahead of George Galloway. In the last few days polling for the Welsh Assembly elections have come out, where we have plunged by -4%, to go from expecting 9 seats, to 7. Our council results which I have already spoken about have been dire. We have lost around 30 council seats since May, many of which have been as a result of resignations surrounding the parties failings in Thanet meaning we have lost the only controlling margin in a District Council we have had. Party membership has fallen by 6,000-7,000 since May last year following a massive increase in our General Election vote. Meanwhile parties who massively disappointed in the vote are reaping a huge uplift in party membership. We have gained a grand total of 2 council seats since May last year. One by way of a defection, and one by way of a 12.5% turnout in Folkestone. Our polling in Scotland is nothing short of dire. We are on 1%-4%, polling to take 1 seat if we are lucky in Holyrood. Our position in London Assembly elections isn't much better. We have managed to alienate what little support we had by electing someone with abhorrent views to gay people as a candidate. Something which has countered any positive reaction we had to appointing Peter Whittle to his position as UKIP candidate for the London Mayoral Elections. UKIP's polling nationally has been erratic at best. In a situation of turmoil at the Conservatives and Labour Party we have not seen much if any of a bounce in national polling. We have not taken a firm line when unacceptable behaviour has occurred at the other parties. When anti-Semitism has erupted in Labour, we have been silent and not spoken about it. When the Tories anti-disabled budget was released. The disabled wing of our party bar those of us commenting on Social Networking sites was silent. In fact there has been no party outlet to speak about this event or others. Star Anderton (UKIP disability spokesperson) for instance should have had an opportunity to speak on the UKIP website about her disgust at the Tories cutting of disabled benefits. But no such event took place. When opportunities to rise as a moral party presented themselves, such as child refugees. Such as putting across Steven Woolfe's more ethical immigration policy that doesn't count students in the overall immigration figure the party has been silent. Defending young people against unfair deportation when they have been in the country most their lives, when TTIP has been posed as a direct threat to the NHS we have allowed Labour to take the firm grasp of defending it even though they made such a mess of it in the European Parliament and not supporting disabled charities in the light of the Conservative Party budget. I am going to wait for the outcome of any action, if any from the NEC of UKIP in the hopes they will stop his latest action against Suzanne Evans. I will also reiterate that for UKIP to evolve, Farage needs to step down as leader. I was more than happy for him to stay on until after the referendum. But what he has done now, the timing, is unforgivable. I know my opinions won't be agreed with by the majority. But it is the truth and if people don't speak out now. The party will most definitely crumble. If we are to stand any chance of improvement, we need to evolve, and we need to gain a good council platform to support candidates in the 2020 General Election. The way we are going now, with our rapidly dropping membership, we are going to fall back way behind the Lib Dems in voting numbers in 2020 and I fear our Assembly election results will be a huge disappointment as well. Nigel has said that Suzanne Evans doesn't have much support in the party. I know this not to be true, and I hope those people like me, put their loyalty to Suzanne ahead of a concern for party membership, and any such action the party might bring to bear. So I am putting UKIP and Nigel Farage on notice. If Suzanne Evans goes, then so do I. I won't be returning if this does happen until their is a fundamental change at the party.


  1. I fully agree with you in this. Farage is carrying out a personal feud with Evans. My membership comes up for renewal in May, but I intend to let my membership lapse

    1. Same unfortunately unless something changes.

  2. 100% correct Thomas, Nigel has taken the party as far as he can. Someone else needs to take things on now to the next level. Do you know what the rules are for asking for a leadership election?

  3. You have this back to front Thomas. Carswell and Evans wanted change in direction of party and started seeing discontent against leader since may. That's what we have seen, not what you are trying to put forward.

    1. This is the claim.
      Where is the evidence?

      Farage slags off Vote Leave at every GO event and slags off Suzanne/Douglas whenever asked about them in the media. Then has the cheek to accuse others of disloyalty!

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  5. Nigel needs to stay until the referendum, after we should have a leadership election, Steven Woolf would be my first choice, but I agree Suzanne should be reinstated immediately and given her position as welfare spokesperson back

    1. I would have said the same about Farage until todays events.

      Now I think he just needs to go.

      The sheep will continue allowing his nonsense though.

  6. None of you need to worry. As soon as we are OUT 24/6 UKIP will have served its purpose & will be no longer needed by the British public. All they are interested in is OUT & after that.... nothing!
    My UKIP membership lasted about 2 months after attending 2 branch meetings I had seen & heard enough?
    I resigned my membership last August. I will not be voting for them again just on the type of people who are wanting to climb a greasy pole but aren't fit to be in any official office just like the TORIES.

    1. For me. If we leave the EU. UKIP will just be getting started.

      But it needs to evolve.

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  9. Completely wrong about all this Thomas,Carswell and Suzanne have been plotting to oust Farage since the GE,their behavior has been disgraceful, and frankly In my view both of them should have been shown the door a long time ago. If Suzanne want's Farage's job so much then she should have waited until leader election time for the opportunity to stand and to see If she could get elected not continually backstab Farage and court constant bad publicity along with her pal Carswell for the party. Suzanne LOST her court case today and rightly so ,she now faces £5,000 costs,that should tell you something, It was a stupid and nasty claim to make against Farage, It was him who gave her a tremendous opportunity In UKIP with a very bright future ahead but Instead she blew It by throwing It back In his face and by spitting the dummy out after the GE along with Carswell when he un-resigned ,am sure that UKIP would have had plenty of evidence to refute these ridiculous allegations In court today, like briefings, the plots against him, & the constant backstabbing of him, and this was very probably why she lost the case, there will be no "New" UKIP Thomas, as some have suggested and plotted on Twitter ,UKIP are a united Party and those at the top have always worked as a team apart from sadly from these 2 divisive people , This has been about personal attainment and advancement for them not UKIP, If Suzanne were to stand against Farage tomorrow for the leadership she would loose hands down, UKIP was right to suspend her,and hopefully for the sake of the party , It's members which overwhelminly back Farage as leader , and It's future as a Party before both of them cause anymore damage to UKIP , the NEC will decide to show both of them the door .

    1. I agree with everything that you have said Brexit. I cannot believe just how the people here have turned on Farage. Are you all blind,can you not see what is happening here? I have actually been a witness to two tweets from Suzanne Evans on twitter. She was having a dig at Nigel in public. She was absolutely childish and was gloating that she had 5000 more twitter followers since being sacked from Ukip,then said "Thanks Nigel"..How childish. Her Carswell and Patrick O'Flynn are out to ruin Nigel.The fellow who wrote the article above.I just love the way that he started saying that he was going to keep quiet and wait until the referendum was finished. Yeah right well he should of done. What is his agenda writing all of the above when clearly this could affect Ukips credibility. Shame on him and shame on the rest of you for being so gullible

    2. Carswell was a Tory plant from the start. Cuckoo in the nest!

    3. What complete and utter nonsense you speak "Brexit"...

      You claim Suzanne and Douglas have been trying to bring UKIP down since the General Election.

      How then do you explain them campaigning for UKIP in Essex in Council Elections, not to mention campaigning for UKIP in Oldham West and Royton By Election.

      People are so desperate to preserve Farage's position they will defend anything with wild accusations and made up accusations.

      You say their behaviour has been disgraceful?

      How so? By joining Vote Leave? About a third of UKIP members have? Last time I checked it wasn't against party rules to back a different OUT campaign?

      Maybe Douglas Carswell calling for a leadership election?
      Again plenty of people agree with him, as do I.

      After the referendum UKIP need to evolve, and I personally, and others do not believe that it can happen under UKIP. I have listed all the ways UKIP have degenerated since the General Election, and none of these things are a result of Suzanne or Douglas. Yet the party have nothing to say about it.

      Maybe you are referring to Suzanne saying that "Farage is perceived as divisive by some", are you really going to deny this fact?

      Maybe you are going to say that Suzanne saying "don't mention Farage when out campaigning"?
      GO are saying exactly the same thing, "don't mention Farage or UKIP when out campaigning for Brexit".

      It is frankly laughable that people say Suzanne and Douglas should have been shown the door a long time ago.
      For what?
      They haven't breached any party rules in the constitution.
      Or do you just want them kicked out because they don't agree with everything the party establishment says like puppets?

      You want to kick people out willy nilly. That is nothing but authoritarianism. UKIP aren't an authoritarian party, and this heavy handed nature is not in the slightest bit Libertarian as the party claim to be.

      This constant claim that people like you put out that Suzanne, Douglas or Patrick O'Flynn carried out an attempted leadership coup is a lie. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      Carswell has said numerous times he has no interest in being leader, and as Suzanne said yesterday on LBC, there was no attempt to overthrow Farage. It is a figment of the Faragites imagination in an attempt to try and turn people against someone who could rival Nigel in the future.

      "If she could get elected not continually backstab Farage and court constant bad publicity along with her pal Carswell for the party."

      Suzanne was prevented from standing for an MEP position in the European Elections, and has now been prevented from standing in the London Assembly elections.
      She was bizarrely shelved in the London Mayoral Elections as well.
      The simple fact is people like you don't want her standing as you know she would put up a fight and get publicity for doing so.

    4. Yes Suzanne lost her court case.
      But as she rightly pointed out on LBC yesterday, the grounds for her dismissal were pathetic.

      1- She rightly highlighted an issue with regards to someone's elligability with regards not living in London (she did so completely in private)
      2- She highlighted an issue about a London Assembly candidate with abhorrent views, was ignored and then signed a petition.
      3- She presented herself as "UKIP Parliamentary Spokesperson" in the media, which is her job title.

      With regards to the costs. You frankly know bugger-all about the background of the legal case, nor have you read the legal document to conclude she was deserving of the fine.

      As for the "nasty claim against Farage", she didn't make it, so you can leave that right there.

      You say "there will be no "New" UKIP Thomas", well if that is true. UKIP will die following the Referendum.

      UKIP need to evolve, to win over votes from Labour and the Tories.

      As for the rest of your rantings, you have effectively repeated what you said again so not much point in responding to that.

      As for the NEC, at least 2 of the NEC members I know are backing Suzanne.

      I guess you will want them kicked out of the party as well huh?

    5. Derry.
      1) Any evidence to substantiate your claims?
      2) Farage is destroying UKIP, see what I wrote about the parties slump in polling, council results and membership.

  10. I just want to ask all of you just one question:

    Will you be voting in this referendum: (A) OUT means OUT - no ifs, or buts, just OUT, OR (B) if we win this referendum, use it to establish a better relationship within the EU?

    1. 1) We are voting LEAVE
      2) We need to establish a free trade deal with the EU on our terms