Wednesday, 13 April 2016

One of the most pathetic attempts at character assassination I have ever witnessed in my life!

On the back of a week where the widespread media didn't think it necessary to publish that many stories about several Labour Party anti-Semites, one of whom declared her admiration for Adolf Hitler. Not to mention a Conservative Party Councillor suspended for anti-Semitism. Or the Conservative Party councillor in Bath who was caught growing drugs.

The National media thought it necessary to focus on the more important story of a UKIP "member", not Councillor, not an elected official just a standard party member wearing a face-mask!

That was it...
He is guilty of wearing an ASDA facemask...

The man in question is one of the loveliest UKIP members I have ever come across. Not a nasty bone in his body!

Yet some complete and utter COWARD felt it necessary to steal pictures off of his family albums on his family Facebook profile and claim that he was racist...

When I say the national media picked up on this. I am genuinely not kidding!

When I say it was a ASDA face-mask, I genuinely wasn't kidding?!

No... I am genuinely not kidding?!
They actually tried to accuse him of racism for wearing an ASDA face-mask available at ASDA stores?!

Am I the only person who is deeply concerned that the national media of Scotland, let alone Britain can label someone as "racist", for playing a lighthearted joke on his family Facebook page using an issue that effects him (skin irritation) and turn it into a light-hearted joke for his friends and families amusement?

He now has to walk the streets knowing that the national media have portrayed him as being racist, and the potential that he might be attacked as a result of doing the above pictures.

All so the national and regional media can do their buddies at the establishment parties in Scotland a favour!

This is really what we have come to in the United Kingdom. If it scores a few points, and sells a few papers. Don't worry, our national media will happily put you, your friends and family in harms way!

Oh and one of the most ridiculous things...

The SNP opposed the "Snoopers Charter"... A measure that the Conservative Party wants to implement that would give securical services the ability to look at people's social networking profiles and accounts...

Yet it would seem "this bad example for the World" doesn't stretch as far as the national media creepily looking through the family albums of UKIP members...

Nor profiting off of these unpleasant tactics to score cheap political points!

At least we are able to respond this horrible injustice and cowardly attempts to label people...

Oh no... It's Scotland... I forget... The SNP media in Scotland don't run on facts or truth and certainly don't want evidence to disprove their claims!

In Scotland, if you are not SNP, you are guilty until well, erm... No you are just guilty!

I am bloody disgusted!

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