Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pathetic start from the public for Peter Whittle UKIP LGBT London Mayoral candidate Twitter Q&A debate

Today 04/04/2016, UKIPs London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle will be answering questions at 1pm put to him by the General Public on Twitter using his user ID @prwhittle and the hashtag #AskPeter
Curious to see what kind of questions would be asked. I had a quick look at the questions that had been asked in response to the tweet about the occasion.
Suffice to say I have been left absolutely disgusted.
We like to think we live in a democracy, where politics is even slightly taken seriously. But the response from particularly younger people is very sad, and really does raise some incredibly worrying questions.

Twitter UK - Ask Peter

These were the only 2 questions taking the occasion seriously that I could find:

These were the tweets that made offensive or abusive messages toward Peter:

Finally, these are the tweets that made accusations of racism, conflated UKIP with extremist measures or were just generally posted to waste time:

Things might change closer to the debate.
But I find it incredibly sad that the majority of people getting involved aren't even willing to take the occasion seriously, or ask appropriate questions.

I have a very serious question for all the candidates regarding disabled access to public transportation in London, and I worry that I won't be able to get my message across due to the spam and abuse being directed at Peter.

It genuinely astonishes me that people still accuse UKIP of being a "racist party".

UKIP have no racist policies.

If people are going to cite former members who have done unacceptable things. You could apply the same logic to other parties who have had bad, and in many cases worse instances of unacceptable behaviour from members and even elected officials.

One of the tweeters in particular above commented "spot the ethnic minority". Maybe if that person in particular had done just a little bit of research, they would know that out of the 11 London Mayoral prospective candidates for UKIP 2 were black, 2 were Muslim, 2 were gay, 2 were women and 1 was Jewish!

This chap came second!

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